10 Pubs Near Windermere Train Station

Are you checking out the pubs near Windermere train station? Then here we take a look at 10 suggestions. All of which are within easy reach of your accommodation near Windermere Train Station. Starting with those that are only 5 minutes away, our list will take you on a tour of Windermere pubs that ends by the water’s edge.

The Crafty Baa

Having recently won the AA “best pub in England” award, the Crafty Baa features high on any list for the pubs in the Lake District. What’s more, it’s less than a 5-minute walk from the train station.

The Queens

Just a few doors away is the Queens pub, ideal if you’re looking for a pub near the train station showing the big match.

The Pie and Pint

If you’re staying at any hotels near Windermere Train Station, then make sure you visit the smallest pub in the Lake District. As the name would suggest, the ideal stop for a pie and a pint.

The Pig

Visually the Pig in Windermere is a modern bar, but one with a simple outlook. If you’re a fan of pork, then make sure you check out the menu, however, there’s also plenty more on offer for the non-meat eater.

Brookside Inn

If you’re after more traditional pubs near Windermere Train Station, then there’s the Brookside. Its owners may be fairly new to the area, but they run a friendly bar where you’ll receive a warm welcome.

The Fizzy Tarte

In contrast to the more traditional options, the Fizzy Tarte offers cocktails and champagne. The perfect end to a night out, or alternatively call in for their afternoon cream tea instead.

The Westmorland Inn

While our accommodation near Windermere Train Station doesn’t come with its own bar, that doesn’t mean you can’t visit someone else’s!

Hole in T’Wall

Here we reach another traditional country pub in Windermere. Everything about the pub is very much rural England, from the picnic benches in the garden to the random ornaments upon the shelves.

The Flying Pig Pub

Next, we start to venture further away from pubs near Windermere Train Station. However, the Flying Pig is still only a half hour walk. It’s also closer to Lake Windermere itself, making it an ideal stop on the way back from a walk along the great lake.

Lake View Garden Bar

If it’s beautiful views of Lake Windermere you’re after, then you can’t go far wrong with the Lake View Garden Bar. It’s exactly as you’d expect, a wonderful view with plenty of outdoor seating, ideal for a summers afternoon.

Hotels near Windermere Train Station

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