Outdoor Activities near Windermere

As the sun is out, outdoor activities near Windermere are likely to busy this summer. That’s why we suggest planning in advance. Think about what you’d like to be doing in the Lake District while staying near Windermere.

After all, with so much to see and do, you wouldn’t want to miss out!

5 Outdoor Activities near Windermere

Here we look at just 5 outdoor activities near Windermere, most of which you can easily reach by car or the local bus service.

Guided Walks

No holiday in the Lake District would be complete without taking time to walk through the hills and alongside the Lakes. By staying near Windermere Bus station, you can always take public transport to your starting point.

Especially if you’re thinking of joining a guided walk in Windermere, as you can often arrange a more challenging hike. Breath in the fresh air and take a brisk walk in the countryside. Apart from a chance to enjoy the scenery, it’s also good cardio exercise and beneficial to your general health.

Rock Climbing

Taking a walk up Orrest Head near Windermere bus station isn’t far to go for amazing views. However, there are other exciting ways to admire the scenery. Are you after something of an adrenalin rush instead? Maybe you really want to push yourself to the limits. In which case, how about rock climbing in the Lake District?

Treetop Treks

One of the most popular attractions near our accommodation is that of Brockhole near Windermere. The team provide numerous outdoor activities, with the treetop treks being a particular favourite among all ages. If you’re staying at Windermere Guesthouse and Hostel with children, or just a group of friends, get ready to discover a world above the trees.


By staying near Windermere Bus Station, you are only a short walk away from Lake Windermere itself. As such, there are plenty of outdoor activities available both overlooking the Lake as well as watersports to enjoy. In fact, there’s pretty much anything you can think of, whether it be canoeing and kayaking, paddle boarding or diving in for a swim.

Boat Trips

If all our outdoor activities near Windermere sound a bit too energetic for your liking, then who can blame you? With the sun out and being away from home, you’re certainly in holiday mode and deserve time to relax. Plus Windermere Lake Cruises are among the most popular things to do in Windermere. Look at the prices and timetables, plus if you’re visiting Windermere on a budget there are often combined tickets available.

Places to stay near Windermere Bus Station

At the Windermere Guesthouse and Hostel, we provide affordable and comfortable accommodation near Windermere Bus Station. We have 6 rooms available, all of which are via an online check-in/check-out system. Resulting in a hassle-free stay in Windermere this summer.