Scenic picnic spots in the Lake District are in abundance. In fact, you only need to take a short walk from our guesthouse and hostel in Windermere to enjoy the views while you eat.

What’s more, by booking somewhere to stay near Windermere train, it’s easy enough to find picnic spots elsewhere across Cumbria. Perfect for those summer breaks in the Lake District, especially if you’re travelling on a budget.

5 Picnic Spots Near Windermere Train Station

You don’t need to travel far to find some wonderful picnic spots near Windermere Train Station.

Lake Windermere

There’s nothing quite like enjoying lunch or a romantic picnic by the water of Lake Windermere itself. As the largest body of water in the Lake District, there’s plenty to do by the Lake too. Even if you’re staying in Windermere on a budget, a trip with Windermere Lake Cruises has to be done. So why not pack up the picnic hamper, sit on the pier with your sandwiches and get ready to enjoy the ride.

Fell Foot Park

Going for a walk from our Windermere Guesthouse and Hostel towards the south of Windermere and you’ll soon reach Fell Foot Park. Until the early 1900’s, Fell Foot Park was, in fact, the grounds to an old Victorian family home. While the plans to rebuild the grand house have long been forgotten, the area is now a popular tourist spot. In particular near Newby Bridge, giving you a more specific picnic spot in Windermere to head towards.

Brockhole on Windermere

The outdoor playground of Brockhole is full of fun activities. Especially if you’re staying in Windermere with children. You can enjoy anything from clay pigeon shooting to climbing from tree to tree as part of a treetop trek. If you’re visiting during the holidays Brockhole is likely to get busy, however, there are plenty of secluded areas to set up the picnic blanket.

Gummer’s How

When it comes to a picnic with a view, it’s no wonder so many visitors to a packed lunch to Gummer’s How. As well as Bowness-on-Windermere there are the beaches of Morecombe bay in the distance. Which incidentally is somewhere else to consider having a picnic!

Orrest Head

Lastly, we look particularly near to Windermere train station and the popular viewpoint of Orrest Head. Which in particular is just north of our Windermere guesthouse and train station. It’s within walking distance, with a hike to the top coming with stunning rewards. The views overlook Windermere and on a clear day, you can see for miles.

With all these beautiful picnic spots near Windermere train station, why would you need to go anywhere else?

Accommodation Near Windermere Train Station

If you’re looking for affordable accommodation near Windermere Train Station, our Guesthouse and Hostel is just perfect. With a selection of 6 rooms, you can enjoy a peaceful and relaxing stay near Windermere Train Station. Ideal for those trip into town, but also just a couple of minutes-walk to the bus station if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to the train.